Information on the entry of foreign students

Information on the entry of foreign students

According to the information from the Emergency Response Centre for preventing the import and spread of the novel coronavirus infection in Russia (the document of 27.08.2021 No. 18) foreign students from all the foreign states, regardless the renewal of the air travel between Russia and foreign states, have the opportunity to enter the Russian Federation after including them into the Russian border crossing citizens’ lists.

To-do list for foreign students on the entry into the Russian Federation

1)Foreign students who currently are abroad, namely:

  • Citizens of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova;
  • Visa-requiring foreigners (including those from Turkmenistan) and stateless persons having valid visa (validity – at least 45 days at the time of the state border crossing),

at least 10 days prior to the date of entry into the Russian Federation please fill out the arrival form and send it to with enclosed scanned copy of passport (mentioned in the form) and scanned copy of a valid visa.

!!! The arrival form needs to be sent by all the foreign students who plan to enter the country for studies, including those who have sent the arrival form before but have not entered the Russian Federation.

2) If you need an entry visa, please apply for the visa invitation. Find the information on submission the application for the visa invitation here.

    Please pay attention that the application for the visa invitation and all the necessary for it documents need to be sent to

Once you get the visa invitation, without waiting for a visa, you need to inform the university on the expected entry date by sending an email to with filled arrival form.

3) Once you sent the filled arrival form, please wait until you get the confirmation letter on being added to the border crossing citizens’ lists. It will be sent to your email which was used for sending the filled arrival form.

4) Please note that the fact of being included in the border crossing citizens’ list shall not be a guarantee of you crossing the border, in case there are any other reasons preventing from it (the absence of visa, etc.).

5) After purchasing a ticket inform the university on the exact entry date by sending an email to and to the curator in your institute/faculty (the list of curators is given below). It is needed to prepare a check-in process in the university dormitories.

6) No earlier than 3 calendar days before arriving to Russia, take a PCR-based COVID-19 test and, if the result is negative, receive a supporting document in Russian or English in your country.

List of curators from institute/faculty

Academic Unit Name Phone number Email
1 Institute of International Relations Imamutdinova Albina Marselevna +7 929 723 8372
Adlejba Emil Gochaevich +7 986 928 4337
Tumanin Viktor Evgenevich +7 (843) 292 2090
2 Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication Curators of the groups

Additional contact:
Khayrutdinova Alsu Mansurovna


+7 939 3133184

3 Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology Valeeva Albina Albertovna +7 904 6791940
Rezvyakov Pavel Nikolaevich +7 (843) 2367972


Preparatory School Zalyaeva Dina Talgatovna + 7 939 3621207
5 Institute of Environmental Sciences Auhadeev Timur Rinatovich +7 952 0454662
6 Naberezhnye Chelny Institute Maksimova Elvira Vladimirovna +7 906 1180564
7 Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communications Avzalova Elmira Ilgizovna +7 917 2541228
8 Institute of Psychology and Education Rybakova Lyajsan Anatolevna +7 (843) 2923420

+7 919 6990322
9 Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems Sosnovskaya Evgeniya Aleksandrovna +7 (843) 2213433


telegram: @itis_kfu



Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies Fazlyeva Florida Afruzovna +7 (843) 2337516

+7 927 4333109
11 Yelabuga Institute Oshkina Alesya Gennadevna +7 (85557) 75562

12 Institute of Management, Economics and Finance Karasik Elena Anatolevna


Kamil Durdyyev


Alisher Khudaberdiev

+7 917 8544012





13 Faculty of Law Gadylshina Zuhra Ildarovna +7 927 6767167
14 Institute of Chemistry Leksina Juliya Aleksandrovna +7 965 5933229
15 Institute of Engineering Khafizov Ildar Ilsurovich +7 (843) 2337585

+7 927 2466796
16 Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies Banderov Viktor Viktorovich +7 903 3879297
Sitnikova Alina Sergeevna +7 (843) 2337499
17 Institute of Physics Tursunova Noilakhon Akram Kizi +7 (843) 2927633
18 N.I. Lobachevsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics Mukhamedzhanova Sofya Alfisovna +7 917 2381410
  1. Find the step-by-step guide on post arrival rules and procedures here.
  2. Find the rules and procedures on giving the study permit for the international students here
  3. Detailed information on check-in process in the university dormitories:

In emergency situations:

  1. Contact the curator of your institute/faculty by using phone numbers listed above
  2. Contact the Department of External Relations hotline: +7 (843) 233-76-25
  3. Contact the Hotline of the Situation Center of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation: +7 (495) 1980000, e-mail
  4. Use “103” phone number for an emergency call (for calling from a mobile phone)


Information on the entry of accompanying persons

If considered necessary persons accompanying underage foreign students and stateless persons can be added to the Russian border crossing citizens’ list with the consideration of submission of documents confirming the relation degree. Person accompanying underage foreign students is more than one (1) biological or adoptive parent per one (1) foreign student. Mentioned foreign citizens enter the territory of the Russian Federation having a PCR-based COVID-19 test which is negative and is taken no earlier than 3 calendar days before arriving to Russian Federation.

Accompanying persons also inform the university on their arrival by filling out the form and sending it to

Please take into account that the university has no possibility to and does not provide an accommodation (including short-term one), a migration registration for persons accompanying foreign students.

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