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Russian Academy of Sciences Prize in Analytical Chemistry goes to Professor Gennady Evtyugin

The KFU employee was awarded for contributions to electrochemical sensors.

“I attribute this award to my colleagues as much as me,” says the awardee. “Previously, only one KFU employee, German Budnikov, received this commendation – it was 15 years ago.”

Evtyugin notes that KFU was not a part of the nomination process – the application was pitched by the Russian Academy of Sciences Research Council on Analytical Chemistry.

The interviewee says about his work, “We work on electrochemical sensors for a wide range of biological materials. They are mostly of use in medical diagnostics and environmental management. Sensors are based on such biological components as enzymes and nucleic acids. The majority of sensors aim to determine concentration of oncological and neurodegenerative disease-targeting drugs in biological fluids. Apart from that, we also offer sensors for safety tests in food, medications, chemical compounds, and sewage water.”

Multiple sensors have been patented and prototyped, and there is mass production ahead.

The prize will be given personally to the winner on 26 September 2023. He will give a report to the Council on Analytical Chemistry after the ceremony.

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