Health care system


A special attention is paid to the modern health care system at Kazan University. The university provides an opportunity to get education in the field of biology, health care and medical sciences. Research in the field of biology and medicine is conducted in the research and academic centers of KFU with the use of advanced technological means. In addition to that, KFU has its own clinic.

Educational process and research activities are carried out at the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology. The institute is accredited by Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science for training in all medical specialties. The structure of the Institute comprises two higher schools with educational process conducted for enlarged groups of specialties:


Higher school of medicine– for training of specialists in the field of health care and medical sciences  (specialist program, clinical residency, postgraduate studies);

The transdisciplinary scientific and educational space allows for the training of doctors of a new generation, able to use the knowledge gained in practical and research work.




Higher school of biology – for training of specialists in the field of biology (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and postgraduate studies).

High-quality education in all major branches of biology is carried out in world-class laboratories using modern teaching methods.




  • The Clinical Residency program of the institute trains highly qualified specialists in 34 specialties for work in public health authorities and institutions.
  • The institute implements additional educational programs and advanced training programs for doctors, which allow practicing doctors to master high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment in order to introduce an innovative approach into everyday clinical practice.
  • In addition, training of research and teaching staff is carried out within the framework of postgraduate studies. Main programs of postgraduate studies are biological sciences (06.06.01), fundamental medicine (30.06.01), clinical medicine (31.06.01) and medical and preventive care (32.06.01).

The academic campus of the institute comprises a high-technology accreditation center, unique medical simulation center with a hospital model, dental phantom class, center of experimental medicine allowing for animal surgeries and engineering center for creation of simulators.

Research in the area of health care is carried out relying on the trends of medical science. The major development vector of modern medical science is defined as translational medicine. The main trend of translational medicine suggests accelerated implementation of scientific discoveries into new methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of a certain patient.

Research and clinical as well as research and academic centers, research laboratories and teaching and research bases have been created at the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology to conduct interdisciplinary research. The institute has more than 200 partner organizations in almost all of the regions of Russia. There are universities, clinics, institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, branch Research Institutes among the institute’s partners. International cooperation is also being rapidly developed.

A clinic operates at Kazan University. University Clinic of KFU is one of the leading medical institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan. It is a center of competences in a number of areas, including cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, endoscopy and many others.

Historically, it was here that many advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment were introduced into practice for the first time in the republic. And this good tradition was taken further when the multidisciplinary center became a clinical base for the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of Kazan Federal University. The research work of the medical cluster of our university is inextricably linked with the activities of the clinic. Thus, the transfer of technologies into practice is ensured in full accordance with the principles of translational medicine.

Today Uniclinic of KFU is an entire medical campus with everything necessary for successful introduction of advanced technologies to medical practice. These are several hospitals rich in their history and traditions of the Kazan medical school, opinion leaders and true professionals in their field.



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