Kazan Federal University

Alumni stories

Class of 2022 – best in science

Kirill Akifyev: “I started partaking in scientific research from my early days as a student”

Darya Avdeeva: “We organize two big events each year – a science presentation in November and a public speaking school in April, as well as many other undertakings”

Nikita Vikherev: “I think this achievement is a win for our big team”

Anna Druzhinina: “We decided to start a charitable crowdsourcing of first need items”

Ilya Pershin: “Miniature antennas are required for various applications”

Anastasia Smirnova wins national stage of Chinese Bridge competition in Russia

Ilfat Timerbaev named Engineer of the Year in Tatarstan in 2021 in the Future Engineers in the Medical Industry nomination

Class of 2022 – best in social activism

Violetta Garashchenko: “This is how we celebrate New Year in Kazakhstan”

Anton Pripolzin: “For me, every event is first and foremost its people”

Stepan Rakov is among the awardees of the Student of the Year in Tatarstan 2022 ceremony

Student Startup winner Ilnur Khazipov plans to create super app for Tatarstani students

Nataliya Shilova awarded as Best Leader of Youth Social Activism in 2022

Class of 2022 – best in arts

Class of 2022 – best in athletics

Powerlifter Andrey Budrin titled Master of Sport of Russia

Denis Davydov wins Grand Prix of the Student of the Year 2021 in Russia contest

Maria Urben: “I won a bronze medal on my birthday”

Marat Khafizov earns Most Valuable Forward title at the Volga Federal District Hockey Championship 2020

Class of 2022 – best in volunteering

Emma Zakirova: “You should always try again”

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