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Three best student collectives awarded as part of Student of the Year at KFU in 2022

The team leaders speak about their work.

Currently, KFU is a home for over 100 various student teams. In 2022, three of them were named as the most successful:

  • KFU Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter;
  • Student Science Society of the Institute of Psychology and Education ‘Success Formula’;
  • Student Council of the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance.

Chairman of the KFU SPE Student Chapter Insaf Shamanov comments, “We are a part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, an international organization created to support and train young professionals of the hydrocarbon industry. We conduct conferences, forums, lectures, webinars, case competitions, trips, quizzes, tournaments, and other types of research activities. Our members can not only hone their knowledge of the hydrocarbon industry but also receive information about upcoming events, visit language clubs and sessions, and sign up for an electronic library.”

The SPE Student Chapter has been a laureate of other awards, such as one from the Society of Petroleum Engineers for being in the top 5 percent of student chapters in the world.

Ksenia Perepelitsa is the chairwoman of the Student Council of the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance, the largest structural unit of the University with 5,500 students (including 1,200 foreign nationals). She says, “The Student Council represents students, helps them to self-actualize in a chosen area. We organize dozens of exciting events each year. The Student Council coordinates arts collectives, sports clubs, a social committee, a volunteer center, a student science center, a media center, a student union chapter, a committee of international students, an anti-corruption commission, and other entities.”

Success Formula, the student science society of the Institute of Psychology and Education, was created in September 2020 and unites over 80 students. Chairwoman Darya Avdeeva informs, “We partake in competitions and research projects, present our work and publish papers. We organize two big events each year – a science presentation in November and a public speaking school in April, as well as many other undertakings. The society works in summer as well, for instance, we arranged a popular science lecture course in the summer of 2022.”

Avdeeva adds that the society chose as its motto a quote from Anatole France, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

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