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Academic leave

Getting academic leave

  1. International students might get an academic leave for 2 years maximum in the following cases:
    1. Family reasons
    2. Health state
    3. Pregnancy and giving birth
  2. To get an academic leave an international student has to present the application and support documents (if necessary) at the Dean’s Office.
  3. After getting the academic leave an international student is to file for the transit visa (for visa-required countries) at KFU Passport and visa support unit and then leave the territory of the Russian Federation in the course of 14 days since the day the academic leave was granted.
  4. Academic leave might be granted unlimited number of times.

Academic leave termination

  1. For resuming the studies after the academic leave is over international students should get the application signed at the Dean’s Office.
  2. In case international students need a new visa invitation they are to do the following:

– tuition fee-based studies – the application signed by the Dean’s Office should be forwarded to invitations@kpfu.ru. As a reply you will have to fill in the invitation application form.

– government scholarship-based studies – the application signed by the Dean’s Office should be forwarded to  education@kpfu.ru for obtaining further visa support.


  1. Remember to carry out the migration registration procedures after entering Russian Federation.

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