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Fingerprint registration and medical checkup

Starting December 29, 2021, the Federal Law No. 274-ФЗ of July 1, 2021 “On Amending the Federal Law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” and the Federal Law “On State Dactyloscopic Registration in the Russian Federation” became effective.

In accordance with the regulations of the Law, ALL foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation after December 29, 2021, are subject to mandatory state fingerprint registration, photographing and medical examination.

Please upload your fingerprint and medical checkup certificates to your personal university account immediately after obtaining them. The absence of such documents may lead to sanctions or refusal to provide certain services.

Foreign citizens are required to have the following supporting documents to legally stay on the territory of the Russian Federation:

  1. Documents on medical examination, which are issued by authorized medical organizations.
  2. Document confirming completion of mandatory state dactyloscopic registration and photographing, issued by the Territorial Authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which is a laminated form (card) that contains the photo image and identification data of the owner. Mandatory state dactyloscopic registration and photographing are performed by Internal Affairs Authorities only once, without charging state fees, and regardless of the number of entries/exits to the Russian Federation.

Open hours and directions for fingerprint registration and photographing

Days of the weekDirectorate for Migration Affairs Kazan, Chekhova str. 8/2Directorate for Migration Affairs № 1 « Aviastroitelny» Pobezhimova str., b.39Directorate for Migration Affairs № 2 «Vishnevsky» Tovarischeskaya str. b.28Directorate for Migration Affairs  № 3 «Zarechensky » Bogatyreva str., b. 2/5Directorate for Migration Affairs № 7 «Gagarinskiy», Vosstaniya str., b.29Directorate for Migration Affairs №11 «Voskhod» Gagarina,str.   b.91Directorate for Migration Affairs №12 «Gvardeyskiy» Patrice Lumumba  str. b.52Directorate for Migration Affairs №15 «Tankodrom» Komarova str. b.14

You should bring with you:

passport (passport translation if available);

– migration card and a copy of it;

– visa and a copy of it;

– notification of arrival;

– certificate of medical examination.

– *Foreign minors must have a copy of passport of one of their parents translated into Russian in addition to the above.

What is the deadline for completing these procedures?

Foreign citizens who arrived at the Russian Federation for employment purposes (employees of KFU) – within 30 calendar days from the date of entry, or when applying for a patent or work permit. Those who arrived for more than 90 days for study purposes (students of KFU) – within 90 calendar days from the date of entry; those who arrived before 29 December 2021 for study purposes – until 31 December 2022.

What are the order and venue of the procedures?

First it is necessary to complete a medical examination. Medical examination of foreign citizens can be done in the State Autonomous Medical Institution “Republican Clinical Dermatology and Venereology Dispensary” (GAUZ “Respublikanskiy Klinicheskiy Kozhno-Venerologicheskiy Dispanser”), located at 54 Korolenko Street, Kazan.


Next, foreign citizens must go to the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan (Upravlenie po voprosam migratsii MVD RT) to undergo mandatory state dactyloscopic registration and photographing.


What are the legal sanctions for non-compliance?

If foreign citizens fail to comply with the mandatory state dactyloscopic registration, photographing, and (or) medical examination, they will be subject to consideration of a reduction of temporary stay period in the Russian Federation, and will face administrative penalties (fines).

Information on the department of medical examination of foreign citizens

Medical examination of foreign citizens can be done in the State Autonomous Medical Institution “Republican Clinical Dermatology and Venereology Dispensary” (GAUZ “Respublikanskiy Klinicheskiy Kozhno-Venerologicheskiy Dispanser”), located at 54 Korolenko Street, Kazan.

It is carried out on the “One stop” principle and includes: examination by a dermatologist/venerologist, psychiatrist/narcologist, phthisiologist, radiologist, infectious disease doctor, laboratory tests for syphilis, HIV, examination for leprosy, radiological examination, chemico-toxicological examination.

Fee of medical examination is around 5,600 rubles.

Please bring with you:

– Identity documents (passport)

– Results of a previous examinations (if any).

The procedure in the department:

1. The Medical Examination Department is located to the left of the main entrance

2. Go to the registration desk of the Medical Examinations Department

3. Present all necessary documents at the registration desk – passport, migration card and its copy, visa and its copy, originals of medical examinations (if any)

4. Get the patient card

5. Go to the appropriate rooms indicated by the medical registrar

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