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Student organizations

Local chapter of the Professional Union of Students at KFU

The Student Union is a local unit of the Professional Union of the Workers of People’s Education and Science of Russia (PUWPES), an organization with over 1.4 million active members. In Tatarstan alone, the PUWPES counts 55,000 members. The KFU Student Union was established on 27 November 1987 and unites the majority of full-time KFU students.

The Union represents and defends the interests students in their interactions with the University, government agencies, municipal bodies, and commercial and nonprofit entities. The standard fee is 1% of the monthly stipend.

Student and PhD Candidate Union

The SPhDCU was founded in 1995 and aims at helping students in their self-realization in studies, science, and arts. The Union has local members at every structural unit of the University.

Among the events organized by SPhDCU are intellectual games, quizzes, trivia contests in science and education. It is also in charge of the Viewpoint (‘Tochka Zreniya’) annual conference.

VK page: https://vk.com/ssa_kfu

International Friendship Club

The Club seeks to help international student adapt to life in Kazan and find something which meets their tastes and demands in studies and extracurricular activities.

It organizes a number of events in education, science, athletics, arts, volunteering, social outreach, and other types of activities.

The Club has sections for everyday needs, dorm information, language assistance, language studies, culture and arts, sports and health, student supervision, projects and grants, media, and hospitality and accommodation.

VK page: http://vk.com/foreign_students

Universiade Village Volunteer Firefighter Squad

The squad was established in 2011 to assist emergency services and maintain order in the Universiade Village, KFU’s largest dorm complex. The members are regularly trained by the Ministry of Emergencies (Emercom) of Russia both at specialized facilities in simulation situations on dorm premises. The volunteer firefighters have some discounts and preferences at local establishments in the Village.

The meetings are held weekly, and there are also daily neighborhood watch walkarounds in the Village.

VK page: https://vk.com/dpo_du

Planet of Kind People Volunteer Center

The Center unites active and magnanimous individuals who seek to benefit the society. Among its areas of activity are social services, environmental awareness initiatives, donorship, child benefaction, and others.

VK page: https://vk.com/dc_kfu

Victory Volunteers Social Center

The Victory Volunteers Center is headquartered at KFU and named after Hero of the Soviet Union Fedor Savelyev. It focuses on historical education projects and veteran welfare. Among the Center’s activities are Victory Lessons (educational events for secondary school students and university students), historical quizzes and intellectual games, veteran outreach days, and beautification of monuments, war memorials, and war cemeteries.

VK page: https://vk.com/vpobedakfu

United Student Council of the Student City

The Student City is the second largest dorm complex (apart from the Universiade Village) dispersed closer to the city center of Kazan and comprising several dorm buildings. The United Student Council tackles everyday issues of dorm living and organizes many events in arts, sports, culture, and volunteering.

Snow Squad Search Party

The Snow Squad’s main objective is recovery and identification of remains of the Great Patriotic War (Second World War, Eastern Front) heroes in Russia. Since 2008, the Squad has been a part of over 30 search expeditions in various provinces of the country, and remains of over 180 Red Army soldiers have been recovered and reburied with honors.

VK page: https://vk.com/sn_desant_kfu

News of the Squad

Center for Civic and Patriotic Activities

The Center for Civic and Patriotic Activities (CCPA), aka Patriot KFU, is in charge of various projects and events reflecting the young people’s civic consciousness and patriotism. CCPA organizes various forums, conferences, gatherings, games, roundtables and other events; coordinates analytical and information work in the civic and patriotic domain; aims to counter antisocial trends amongst the youth. The Center has obtained many accolades from various governmental and nongovernmental bodies for its work.

VK page: https://vk.com/patriot_kfu

Association of Students of the Universiade Village

ASUV unites inhabitants of the Universiade Village, KFU”s largest dorm complex in the south of Kazan shared with Volga University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism. Currently, the complex houses over 9,000 KFU students. ASUV aims to develop student self-governance, improve the local dwelling standards, maintain general order, organize events for dorm inhabitants and promote volunteering.

VK page: https://vk.com/universiadevillage

Headquarters of KFU Student Squads

Student squads coordinate summer employment for KFU students and organize related training and events.

KFU traditionally has summer employment groups in four industries;

  • construction;
  • train conductors;
  • summer camp tutors and supervisors;
  • tourism and service.

VK page: https://vk.com/so_kfu

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