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    Short language programs

    Course catalogue

    Russian Language as a Foreign in the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication
    Fee-paid Programs offered by Kazan International Linguistic Center
    Winter Language School
    Summer Language Course
    Institute of International Relations

    The application process

    Application deadlines:

    Spring semester: December 1

    Fall semester: July 1

    Required documents:

    For exchange students

    Coordinator of a partner university e-mails  with a nomination that includes the following documents:

    For fee-paid students:

    In order to take part in the Special Russian Language Program you need to submit the next documents:

    1. 2 first pages of valid passport (pages with a photo and name) with indication of the full name in Russian transliteration
    2. The letter from your university, which confirms your status of student
    3. Application for non-degree programs

    After receiving the necessary documents, we will issue a contract specifying the payment details for the program. To receive an invitation, you will need to pay 50% of the program cost (if you apply for a one-year program) and 100% of the program cost (if you apply for a semester program or less). 

    Academic information

    Language of instruction

    Russian, except English-taught educational programs. Students should have sufficient proficiency in Russian to be able to follow courses and write exams (level A2 required).


    In the Russian Federation the academic workload is evaluated in «академические часы» (academicheskie chasy – academic hours or AH) and RF Units. 1 AH = 45 minutes and 1 RF Unit = 36 academic hours or 27 astronomical hours. RF Units represent the time spent on studying in accordance with the required curriculum: class attendance, self-study assignments, revision and taking exams, preparation and writing of a final or a research project.  1 RF Unit = 1 ECTS Credit.

    Grading system

    Local Grades Definition
    5-  «отлично» – otlichno – excellent 86% and more
    4 – «хорошо» – khorosho – good 71 – 85%
    3 – «удовлетворительно»  udovletvoritelno – satisfactory 55 – 70%
    2 – «неудовлетворительно» neudovletvoritelno – fail 54% and less
    «зачтено» zachteno passed
    «незачтено» nezachteno not passed

    Note: The lowest passing grades are « удовлетворительно» (satisfactory) and «зачтено» (passed).

    Classes types

    Л – лекции Lecture
    С – семинар Seminar
    ПЗ – практические занятия Practical Training
    СК – специальный курс Special Course
    Л – лабораторные занятия Laboratory


    After finishing the program they receiving academic transcript. The transcript is prepared within a week after submission of student’s record book. The transcript can be given to student directly or the university can send the scanned version to the sending university upon request.

    Support services


    Students who are citizens of EU and in other most cases must apply for a student visa at the nearest local Russian Embassy or Consulate BEFORE they come to Russia. The KFU provides visa support for international students. A formal invitation from the KFU is required to get a student visa. More details here


    All exchange students are guaranteed a campus accommodation. Accommodation fee starts from 600 RUB per month.

    The dormitory check-in requires medical documents such as X-ray, RW blood test (test for syphilis).

    X-ray is valid one year, RW test is valid ONLY 10 days that are why you should do it just before you travel to Kazan (or you can also take medical tests in Kazan student clinic). Medical documents should be translated into Russian language with notarization. You will also need to submit Physician’s report from the Kazan student clinic.

    It would also be necessary to take 10 (matte colour) photographs, size 3Х4 cm.

    Before arrival in Kazan readable scanned copies of the following documents must be sent to

    Housing application

    Arrival information

    Your account

    Об университете
    Наука и инновации
    Международная деятельность
    Университет и общество
    Академическая мобильность
    Общежития КФУ
    Стипендии и социальная поддержка
    Спорт и здоровый образ жизни
    Медико – профилактическая работа
    Психологическая служба
    Профком студентов
    Работа и карьера
    Общественные объединения
    Поступление иностранных граждан
    Общая информация
    Бюджет или контракт?
    Бакалавриат/Специалитет на русском языке
    Магистратура на русском языке
    Управление инновациями
    Продукты и услуги
    Инновационная инфраструктура
    Малые инновационные предприятия
    Курсы и выставки
    Трудоустройство студентов
    Вакансии КФУ
    Карьерные возможности
    Корпоративная культура
    Медиа-портал КФУ
    Телеканал «Универ»
    Газета «Дарелфанун»
    Газета «Казанский университет»
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