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    What are the languages of instruction?

    The majority of programs are provided in Russian language. There are several programs available in English language. The instruction for Tatar philology also includes some parts in Tatar language.

    To see a full list of fees, please visit Tuition fees.

    What is included in the tuition fee?

    Only educational services. Medical checkups, medical insurance, dormitory, and everyday expenses are not included.

    What are the application deadlines?

    Applications for the Preparatory School in September 2021 are open from 1 March until 1 July 2021.

    Applications for all courses for the autumn season are opened from 1 March until 15 August 2021.

    What are the entrance exam dates for 2021?

    Entrance exams are scheduled in three waves:

    15 to 24 June 2021;

    12 to 28 July 2021;

    20 to 26 August 2021.

    What are the entry dates for those who have successfully enrolled?

    The entry dates for those who enroll in September start from 15th August. They may vary from year to year.

    The entry dates for those who enroll in the Preparatory School program in February start from 5th February.

    Please note that in 2021, the dates may be shifted to a later period because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

    Are there tuition scholarships for international students?

    Yes, there is a federal tuition scholarship program for international students. Please see the Education in Russia website for more information.

    Please note that scholarships are only available for some programs. Importantly, programs with English-language instruction are not supported by scholarships.

    My recruiting agent has said that there are quotas (limitations) for students from some countries who apply for paid (fee-based) programs?

    There are no quotas for paid programs for any country. All applications are treated equally in accordance with our admission regulations.

    Please see our list of accredited recruiting agencies.

    My recruiting agent has said that I can speed up the registration process if I pay additional money. Is this true?

    No. There is no way to speed up the registration process.

    Please see our list of accredited recruiting agencies.

    My recruiting agent has requested additional payments for a student ID and a library fee.

    No payment is required for a student ID.

    There are no library fees at Kazan Federal University.

    Can I pass my entrance exams online?

    In 2021, entrance exams will be conducted online.

    What are the minimum marks required to pass entrance exams in the university?

    These are the lists of minimal required scores: Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs and Master’s programs.

    My Internet connection is not great. What if it fails during an exam? Can I retake an exam in this case?

    If your Internet connection fails during an exam, you can reconnect within 5 minutes. If you are unable to do that, your exam will be scored in accordance with your answers at the time of disconnect. You will not be able to make a second attempt at the exam. Please make sure that your Internet connection is absolutely stable.

    Am I exempt from entrance exams if I have successfully completed the Preparatory School program at Kazan Federal University?

    No one is exempt from entrance exams. Whether you have completed a preparatory school program at KFU or any other Russian university, or none at all, you have to go through entrance exams.

    Do I need to obtain a new student visa after successfully completing Preparatory School and applying to enroll in a next-level program?

    Under those circumstances, you do not need a new student visa if you completed an official preparatory school course (подготовительный факультет) at a public university. Please note that not all Russian language courses are equivalent to a preparatory school. You have to confirm this with your university before you enroll.

    I have enrolled in the three-semester Preparatory School program. After studying for one semester, I think I am good enough in Russian language to enter the university in September? Is this allowed?

    No. You must complete your full program at the Preparatory School if you want to enroll in the next-level program.

    Do I need to provide a Russian language proficiency certificate to be eligible for admission?

    You do not need to provide a language certificate. If you enroll in a Russian-language program, your language skills will be evident during entrance exams.

    Do I need to provide an English language proficiency certificate to be eligible for admission to an English-language program?

    You do not need to provide a language certificate. If you enroll in an English-language program, your language skills will be evident during entrance exams.

    Where can I find entrance exam materials to prepare?

    Programs of entrance exams in Russian language:

    Undergraduate programs (bachelor and specialist);

    Graduate programs (master);

    PhD programs.

    Programs of entrance exams in English language are available for biology and chemistry (general medicine and dentistry entrance exams) here.

    May I transfer to your university from another Russian university?

    Yes, you may. To do that, you must pass through all the necessary transfer exams, depending on your study program.

    May I transfer to your university from a university in another country?

    Yes. The specifics and procedures of your transfer must be discussed individually. Please write your request to the institute of faculty that you intend to enroll in.

    See a full list of our academic units here

    I live very far from a Russian consulate or embassy. May I provide a simple notarized translation of my educational and personal documents into Russian language from a local translation agency?

    Yes, you may provide a notarized translation from a translation agency.

    I found a specialization that interests me, but there is no such specialization in the online application form. What’s the problem here?

    Kazan Federal University has three campuses – in Kazan, Yelabuga, and Naberezhnye Chelny. The online application form covers only the Kazan Campus.

    To apply to one of the two other campuses, please write an e-mail:

    Yelabuga Institute –;

    Naberezhnye Chelny Institute –

    Am I allowed to work in Russia with a student visa?

    You may work part-time with a student visa. No additional permits are needed.

    What is the dormitory like? Which services are available there?

    Please visit the official website of the Universiade Village to know about the dormitories.

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