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Student Startup winner plans to create super app for Tatarstani students

Fresh graduate and Director of the Kazan University Development Fund Ilnur Khazipov is going to receive 1 million rubles for his project.

The app, tentatively called Super Service Student of Tatarstan, has been in the works since November 2021. Apart from KFU, there are also participants from Kazan National Research Technical University and Kazan State Power Engineering University. The service will aim to help students adapt to their studies, develop personal skills, and build career paths.

“Today, our product can already be tested by downloading the app from the App Store and Google Play. More than 4 thousand students of the province have already done so. Of course, there is still a lot to be done, but the minimum viable product is already functioning very well, which proves the presence of about 15 thousand users – given the fact that a separate service ‘Student Card’ was previously launched. To date, the section of discounts and bonuses is the most used in our service. Now, in fact, it is the MVP of the service, but you can safely use it in this form. In general, as a super service, it will function by the end of this year. We expect that all universities of Tatarstan will be integrated into our service and by the end of 2023 we will reach a hundred thousand users,” explains Ilnur Khazipov.

So far, the development has taken about a thousand US dollars. However, further investment is estimated to be in the vicinity of 4 million rubles. The grant of 1 million will help in beginning full-time development by the team and further funding rounds.

The next part of the service is career development tools. The team sees the following algorithm to assist students:

  1. A user partakes in various events and projects;
  2. The system creates a list of acquired skills;
  3. Algorithms propose job listings tailored to the user’s skills;
  4. If the user chooses to apply for a job, the platform helps optimize a CV for this particular choice;
  5. The user can thus receive more chances to be chosen for an interview.

The final app will include a personal account, a co-brand banking card, class schedule services, a bonus program, student event listings with registration forms, job listings, a co-brand SIM card, and an electronic portfolio service.

The app will be available to all students of Tatarstani universities. The next stage is launching a web portal and scaling the app for other Russian provinces.

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