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Emma Zakirova: “You should always try again”

20 December 2021

Philology student Emma Zakirova became a finalist of the Russian Language Ambassadors in the World program. She shares her impression from the whole experience.

— What drove you to partake in the program in the first place?

— It was my second try in the preliminaries. In 2018, I didn’t make it but met a lot of wonderful people with whom we are still in contact. So friendship was one such motive. I wanted to take this to the end and prove that I am now ready to be a part of this program.

— What were the preliminaries about?

— Our on-site preliminary took place during the 7th Russian-Armenian Forum in Moscow. We were learning how to teach Russian to non-native speakers. The second day was dedicated to contests – we had to make a presentation titled ‘7 Wonders of the Russian Language’ and prepare 10 minutes of a real lesson of Russian.

What poem did you choose for the contest?

— It was my favorite poem – Ivan Goncharov’s ‘I had a dream’.

— What was the most memorable in being instructed by the leading educators of the Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language?

— Experts of the Pushkin Institute are real icons of Russian as a foreign language teaching. They are immensely experienced and knowledgeable in the topic. I was impressed by their teaching style – speaking simply about complex matters.

— What did you feel when you found out about your place among the finalists?

— I was really anxious until I heard my name. I really cried from happiness because it was my story of three years, the story of friendship and growth.

— What are your expectations from your first trip to the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States?

— I expect difficulties. The first expedition is the most important test.

— What would your advice be to those guys who wish to partake but are too bashful?

— Never be afraid. I am convinced that action is always better than inaction. You have to always try again.

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