Kazan Federal University

Powerlifter Andrey Budrin titled Master of Sport of Russia

27 December 2022

The federal Ministry of Sport issued a new list of persons commended for their competitive achievements.

First-year master student of Yelabuga Institute Andrey Budrin has been in powerlifting for three years; his coach is Distinguished Coach of Tatarstan, Associate Professor Oleg Razzhivin. In 2021, Budrin won two subnational titles in powerlifting and two provincial titles in bench press.

However, according to Razzhivin, his trainee’s best results came in 2022, “Andrey has joined seven competitions this year and was a prize winner in each of them. He received the result threshold of a Master of Sport and set four records for 59 kg junior powerlifting in Tatarstan.”

Butrin’s most notable win came at an international competition in Tula, where he was a part of the 66 kg Russia national team.

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