Kazan Federal University

Best youth organizers awarded by the city of Kazan

A meeting was held on 28 December.

The nominations are as follows:

Best Scientific Club Organizer;

Best Student Club President;

Best Leader of Youth Social Acitivism Movement;

Best Worker of Youth Policy;

Best Youth Policy Organizer of a Company;

Novice of the Year;

and Best Young Worker of Youth Policy in Municipal Organs.

The applicants must present their projects, submit a CV and a self-introductory letter. As usual, KFU employees were among the year’s winners.

Best Leader of Youth Social Activism Movement prize went to Natalya Shilova, Commander of the Student Squad Headquarters of Kazan Federal University. She has been in this position since February 2021, “I manage all the squads, am in charge of cooperation with nonprofits and other departments of KFU. I represent the Headquarters in government agencies, the private sector, and in all other aspects of external links.”

As a reward, Shilova received a money prize from the city of Kazan. In 2022, the Student Squad Headquarters of KFU was among the top student squad organizations in Russia and won a grant from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

First and second places in the Student Club President nomination went to KFU students Artur Rozanov and Stepan Rakov. Additionally, first and third places wentin the Besd Worker of Youth Policy were awarded to Natalya Gizatullina (Acting Head of the Section of Cultural and Organizational Work) and Rufina Ganeeva (Head of the Section of Healthcare and Psychological Help), both employed by KFU’s Department of Youth Policy.

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