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KFU’s driverless tractor KFU-MTZ-112 shown to Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko

He toured the Kazan Digital Week expo at the newly opened Bashir Rameev IT Park in the city center of Kazan.

The presentation was also visited by Chairman of the State Council (Parliament) of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin, Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan Oleg Korobchenko, Vice-Rector of KFU for Digital Transformation and Innovation Dmitry Pashin, General Director of MTZ JSC (Minsk Tractor Plant) Vitaly Vovk, and others. Results of joint work with MTZ were shown in automated vehicles for agriculture.

Just recently, as Vice-Rector Pashin noted, KFU received a mid-size tractor from MTZ and started to work in its automation.

The current project is centered around light tractor 112N-01. As part of the ongoing modernization, an expo model of driverless tractor for field work was created.

In remote mode, the tractor is controlled by an operator through specially developed software. The operator can be both at a workplace indoors and next to the tractor, controlling it from a tablet. In strategic control mode, the tractor is given a specific route to travel, and the system travels that route. In the tactical control mode, the operator is given a specific task, for example, to deliver a cargo to a specific point, and the automated system itself decides how to complete the task, based on its analysis of the surroundings. Within the framework of the developed vehicle, the functionality for each mode is partially implemented.

In the process of implementing the mock-up vehicle, work was carried out both on technical equipment and software: mock-up versions of automated piloting systems and vision systems were developed; by installing a parallel driving service unit, the steering was modernized while maintaining control from the standard steering wheel; by installing an electric motor connected to the rear axle differential, the tractor’s electric traction is implemented; remote control and vision subsystems, a power supply system for powering the parallel driving service unit, as well as a control and vision subsystem were developed and installed.

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