Memorandum of cooperation signed with Shahid Beheshti University

President of SBU Sadollah Nasiri and his colleagues visited Kazan on 20 June.

The sides discussed partnership links for a more effective cooperation, including joint programs in petroleum engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, and other domains. Russian language studies in Iran were also a topic.

Further, Rector Dmitry Tayursky and President Sadollah Nasiri put pens to paper to conclude the memorandum.

At this moment, KFU hosts 612 students from Iran, which is a steep growth from previous numbers. KFU’s Center for Iranian Studies is in tight cooperation with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia and Saadi Foundation.

On the same day, Counsellor of the Embassy of Iran in Russia Khadi Goudarzi and Vice-Consul of the Consulate General of Iran in Russia Massoud Mollai visited the University. They were accompanied by Vice-Rector for External Affairs Timirkhan Alishev. Over thirty Iranian students of the Preparatory School asked questions about dormitory placements, language studies, and other issues.

On the language complications, the Vice-Rector reacted, “You are interning at Russian organizations. You will work with Russian patients as medical students. Many of you have some very complicated subjects which you cannot master without dismantling the language barrier.”

In the end, the students received all the answers they needed.

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