Kazan Federal University

Memorandum of understanding signed with Soran University

An Iraqi delegation is visiting KFU this week.

The team comprises President Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, Vice-President for Scientific Affairs Sirwan Zand, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Jamal Ismael Kakrasul, and Dean of the Faculty of Arts Karmand Abdulla Hamad.

Kazan University was represented by Vice-Rector for External Affairs Timirkhan Alishev, Counsellor to the Rector Linar Latypov, and Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering Mikhail Varfolomeev.

The guests were familiarized with KFU’s history, current priorities, and major performance indicators. President of Soran University thanked the KFU leadership for hospitality and expressed interest in visiting several institutes and departments, which was to be arranged after the signing.

The memorandum includes questions of joint programs, mutual internships, academic exchange, and innovation.

As of now, KFU hosts 99 Iraqi students and 1 Iraqi employee. Research cooperation between our university and Iraqi colleagues currently mostly covers computer science.

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