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University mourns Professor Yulduz Nigmatullina

Yulduz Nigmatullina (29.04.1929 – 02.02.2023) was one of the most prominent representatives of Kazanian literature studies.

Her scholarly pursuits intricately entwined complex studies of arts and literature with the theory of civilization and culture.

Nigmatullina graduated from Kazan State University with honors in 1951 and presented her candidate of science (PhD) thesis in 1962; the dissertation was devoted to the links between Ivan Turgenev’s work and Tatar literature. In 1971, she was awarded the title of doctor of science for her work ‘National specifics of aesthetic ideals’.

Her three main research areas were as follows:

  1. Systemic research of artistic and literary creativity;
  2. Analysis and forecasting of the main development trends of literature and art;
  3. Intercultural dialog through literature.

Among the late scientist’s most ambitious endeavors was the comparative analysis of the evolution of Russian and Tatar literatures from the dawn of their existence to the contemporaneity. Her monograph ‘Methodology of research of artistic creation’ (1983) was translated into Chinese.

In the latest period of her work, in the 2010s, Professor Nigmatullina concentrated on the phenomenology of harmonizing trends in literature, where the theory of literature was deeply entangled with philosophy. Many of her students currently teach and work at KFU, in Russia and other countries.

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