University to receive funding for its automotive engineering school in partnership with KAMAZ

The University presented its school project on 19 June and invited a delegation to the Naberezhnye Chelny Institute for on-site inspection on 24 June.

In the competition, 30 universities were selected from 89 applicants. Each of them is poised to received 84.5 million rubles this year. Overall funding is over 30 billion rubles for the next two and a half years with additional 4 billion in private investment. Before 2024, the winners pledge to graduate 2,500 engineers, provide advanced training to 28,000 educators, give 1,100 internships at leading companies, and compile 506 educational programs in engineering.

The AES’s strategic partner is KAMAZ, Russia’s largest truck producer and one of the twenty largest industrial enterprises in the nation. KAMAZ’s participation seeks to guarantee a very high level of integration between educational processes and specific manufacturing objectives.

The engineering school aims to launch production of electric trucks with Russia-made accumulators before 2025. Additionally, before 2026, the AES seeks to present first driverless trucks and solutions in hydrogen fuel – and full-cycle production of hydrogen engines and batteries before 2030.

The school will be located at Naberezhnye Chelny Institute, in the same city as the anchor partner KAMAZ. Among the planned partners are leading universities and institutions, such as Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Northeastern Federal University, Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg State University, Skoltech University, Kazan Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State Technical University, Southern Federal University, and STANKIN University; and corporations like ICL, KRET, Rostec, and Roscosmos.

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