Kazan Federal University

2nd Сhemical Methods of Enhanced Oil Recovery Session held by Kazan University

The event opened on 7 June.

The opening ceremony featured Vice-Rector for Earth Sciences Danis Nurgaliev, Director for Chemical Methods of EOR of Gazpromneft Technological Partnerships Olga Chebysheva, and First Deputy Chairman of the Union of Oil and Gas Industrialists of Russia Anatoly Zamriy.

Vice-Rector Nurgaliev presented KFU, the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies (IGPT), the Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons, and the Center for Advanced Training. He mentioned that the Institute currently has 11 departments, 7 buildings, and 14 labs.

Deputy Director of IGPT for Marketing Ildus Chukmarov spoke about programs in chemical methods of EOR.

Chair of the Department of Petroleum Engineering Mikhail Varfolomeev noted that the session aims to discuss practical aspects of EOR, uniting researchers, oilers, and consumers of chemical reagents for oil production. Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons, being one of the national leaders in surfactant and polymer research, headlines the conference.

At the plenary session, the contributors discussed chemical methods and partook in a panel on new technologies of (A)SP flooding.

The conference takes up 7 to 9 June.

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