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KFU scientists continue inquiries into treatment for horse osteoarthritis

Senior Research Associate Alexander Aymaletdinov’s project ‘New therapeutic approaches based on biocompatible microvesicles for horse osteoarthritis’ is one of the recipients of Russian Science Foundation’s grants for fundamental and applied research.

Osteoarthritis is an obstinate disease and often leads to premature retirement of racing horses and overall decrease in their quality of life.

“Currently, mostly conservative methods, such as anti-inflammatory drugs or cartilage protectors, are used,” comments Aymaletdinov. “Such treatment is symptomatic and doesn’t stop the progress of cartilage damage. Stem cell-derived microvesicles are aimed at target therapy for the regeneration of damaged cartilage. We plan to conduct in vitro and in vivo tests, starting with cell cultures of chondroblasts. We also employ bioprinting for such purposes – to study microvesicles on 3D models of cartilage tissue. After that, animal testing is in order.”

The grantee hopes that this project becomes a contribution to veterinary science.

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