Kazan Federal University

KFU’s research represented at the Practical Aspects of Oilfield Chemistry Conference in Ufa

The conference took place on 23 – 25 May 2023.

The University’s delegation comprised Head of Enhanced Oil Recovery at KFU’s Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons Mikhail Varfolomeev, Senior Research Associate Alexander Bolotov, Research Associate Sergey Nazarychev, and Lab Assistant Aleksey Bykov.

“We presented chemical reagents for controlling the processes of hydrate formation. Reports were made on the development of surfactant compositions for non-traditional deposits. The selection of the composition of chemical tracers for the assessment of residual oil saturation, as well as physical modeling of the use of thermochemical compositions for the stimulation of oil production from low-permeability reservoirs were mentioned,” comments Nazarychev.

At the conference, KFU reached preliminary cooperation agreements with BashNIPIneft (Bashkortostan Research and Production Institute of Petroleum). One of such cooperation areas will be hydrate formation at Rosneft’s infrastructure.

The conference was hosted by BashNIPIneft and Bashkortostan Academy of Sciences.

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