Kazan Federal University

Best international graduates commended during farewell event

Every year on July 5, Kazan Federal University celebrates the International Alumni Day. An award ceremony was held in the History Museum of Kazan University.

Timirkhan Alishev, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, addressed the attendees with a valedictory speech and congratulations.

“Today is a significant event. It is one of the few that will remain in your memory for many, many years. I really hope that you have made friends at our university and your ties will not be broken throughout your life,” he said.

The Vice-Rector also expressed his gratitude to the teachers who worked with foreign students and passed their knowledge to them.

He wished the graduates of his alma mater good luck and assured that Kazan Federal University will remain a friend for them.

During the ceremony, the Vice-Rector awarded appreciation letters and gifts to those who excelled in studies, science, sports, arts, and other domains of student activity. In addition, those who contributed to the development of student self-government and intercultural relations among foreign students were recognized. Overall, 47 individuals were commended this time.

At the end of the event, the words of gratitude to KFU teachers, management and students on behalf of foreign alumni were expressed by Sambrano Sinisterra Frank Sebastian (Institute of International Relations, Colombia), Li Yunzhu (Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, China) and Bojorquez Yunda Bernardo Sebastian (Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, Ecuador).

Li Yunzhu said that KFU, in her opinion, is the most soulful university with effective teaching methodology.

“KFU is my family. All international students here unite, help each other, and most importantly, develop together. I would like to say thank you to my institute, where I was not only given knowledge, but also unforgettable moments,” the alumna shared.

Sambrano Sinisterra Frank Sebastian admitted that after graduation he will miss most of all the creative endeavors to which he devoted his student years. The Colombian national has plans to return to his homeland and implement his expertise as a linguist.

“Be brave. Moving from your native country to Russia is an important and responsible decision. I can say from my experience that one can achieve one’s dreams and goals with effort. So don’t worry, come,” he wished.

Panandtigri Umaru, a graduate of the master’s program of the Faculty of Law, came to Russia from Cote d’Ivoire. During his studies at the Preparatory School, bachelor’s and master’s programs he has accumulated a great number of memories and knowledge. However, he already also plans to enter a PhD program in Russia.

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