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KFU and partners to launch Russia’s first inter-university cybersecurity center

The Center, abbreviated as MSSP SOC, is ready for work.

The Center is founded by Tatarstan’s flagship universities and Innostage pursuant to an agreement signed in 2022. SOC’s core is a technological platform for information collection and correlation of cybersecurity events with the incident reaction system. Students will be monitoring cybersecurity events, whereas academics and IT employees will supervise and correct their work.

Head of Cybersecurity at KFU Dmitry Gadelshin comments, “Workstations are in place for employees and students at participating universities. The students will work with real incidents, threats and attacks on the universities’ digital infrastructure and thus learn their craft.” Innostage is currently conducting practice sessions for employees and students.

The deployed technological platform will allow real-time analysis of security events from network devices, servers, telecommunications equipment, and various applications, and respond to them in a timely manner before significant damage occurs. The system not only works with ready-made presets, uses methodology and knowledge bases which describe what a cybercriminal can do, but also offers the possibility of self-development of correlation rules specific to the organization, taking into account its educational activities, the specifics of business processes, allowing fine-tuning to specific threats and methods of their elimination.

CEO of Innostage Aydar Guzairov notes, “The students can hone their knowledge of cybersecurity infrastructure, monitoring, and incident management. They have a unique opportunity to work with real-life incidents while studying. This will significantly increase the number of alumni who are genuinely trained to work in real-life conditions after graduation.”

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