Kazan Federal University

Top graduates honored in traditional ceremony at Emperor Ballroom

54 people were honored, 19 of them were named the best graduates of their institutes, among them – winners of international and national competitions, winners of various awards and personal scholarships.

First Vice-Rector Dmitrii Tayurskii noted in his greeting, “You have a very important day today – you have become graduates of Kazan University and are entering a new life. Many opportunities are opening up before you. You have all heard many times that Russia is a country of opportunities. Each of you has your own path, your own choice, and some of you have already decided on it, and some of you have not yet. Some of you will continue your studies at Kazan University.”

He wished the graduates to always be faithful to their alma mater.

“Yesterday at the meeting of the Russian Union of Rectors, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitrii Chernyshenko mentioned Kazan University twice, one of them in connection with students. Kazan Federal University is the best in Russia in terms of the number of grants and personal scholarships among students, and this is your merit,” the Vice-Rector emphasized.

It was noted that KFU ranks first among Russian regions in the implementation of youth policy.

The best graduates were also congratulated by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Yekaterina Turilova.

“You were, are and will be part of a big university family. Kazan University is a cultural code that will remain with you forever,” she emphasized. “Continue in the same spirit, dare and you will definitely succeed!”

After the graduates were awarded diplomas, and the best of the best received appeciation letters and souvenirs, they were congratulated by freshmen Anastasia Dvornova (Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication) and Alexei Kiselyov (Institute of Management, Economics and Finance).

At the end of the event, the graduates said words of gratitude to the university, rector, and teachers.

“Today we say goodbye to the university, but we do not say goodbye to our aspirations and dreams. May each of us find our way and continue to develop for the benefit of our Republic and country,” said Elza Azizova of the Faculty of Law.

Sambrano Senisterra Frank, a graduate of the Institute of International Relations from Colombia, admitted that his dream came true.

“This is the longest-awaited day of my life,” he shared. “I worked very hard to make it happen. First I enrolled in the preparatory faculty, then in the Institute, where I studied English, Russian, and French. I am very happy and proud of myself. I want to say thank you to the university and my parents – they are not with me now, but they are in my heart.”

The directors of the institutes who handed over the diplomas told about their emotions.

“Our institute graduated almost 300 people this year, more than 90 of them with honors. This is fantastic for me! It means we don’t work in vain. I hope that all our graduates will find their place in life,” said Marat Gafurov, Director of the Institute of Physics.

Mikhail Abramskii, Director of the Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems, mentally traveled back 14 years to his student days.

“This is a very pleasant event in which I am happy to take part,” said he. “It reminded me of my student past. In 2010, I was among the 25 best graduates of Kazan University, and I was awarded in the same hall”.

According to Marat Ziganshin, Director of the Institute of Chemistry, it is not easy for chemistry students to study for excellent grades and simultaneously engage in social, scientific activities or sports.

“Chemistry is a complex science where there are no linear regularities. Here you need to have a flair, to be creative to master it. The difficulty also lies in the fact that chemistry is now developing as an interdisciplinary science. It is not enough to be just a chemist today. You have to be a chemist and a programmer, or a chemist and a mathematician, a biologist, a geologist. Students have to master other areas and competencies,” he informed.

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