Kazan Federal University

Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons implementing new projects with Sichuanese colleagues

The Kazanian delegation visited longtime partners Southwest Petroleum University and a new research facility in clean energy in Sichuan Province, China.

Russian and Chinese scientists will launch a batch of new projects, as was agreed on 4 and 5 July in Chengdu. KFU was represented by Chair of the Department of Petroleum Engineering Mikhail Varfolomeev and Senior Research Associate of the Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery and the Laboratory of In-Situ Combustion Alexander Bolotov.

The Russian guests toured Tianfu Yongxin Laboratory and witnessed its current developments in carbon neutrality, utilization and disposal of carbon dioxide and its use to increase oil recovery. Hydrogen technologies, including transportation, storage and production of green fuel, were discussed as well.

“As part of the talks, contacts were established for further cooperation in the implementation of projects of the Center and the Priority 2030 program at Kazan Federal University,” said Mikhail Varfolomeev.

During the visit to Southwest Petroleum University the parties discussed existing projects in hydraulic fracturing, polymer flooding and further cooperation to perform research and development works for oil companies from China. Possible joint educational programs were also discussed.

Fruitful cooperation between KFU and Southwest Petroleum University has been carried out since 2016. Southwest Petroleum University is one of the leading oil universities in China. The university implements joint international projects and programs partners from more over a dozen countries.

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