Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal UniversityKazan Federal University

University represented at GOTECH 2023 in Dubai

The Gas and Oil Technology Showcase & Conference took place on 13 – 15 March.

The event program comprised one plenary session, five panel sessions, fifty technological sessions, and an expo. KFU dispatched Mikhail Varfolomeev, Chair of the Department of Petroleum Engineering and head of enhanced oil extraction research.

His contribution was to the session on optimal methods of deposit management. Dr Varfolomeev spoke about studies of reagents for leveling the injectivity profile of horizontal wells in difficult conditions (high temperature and high salinity of formation water) based on low density gel particles.

“Gel particles allow for a more efficient treatment of wells that are in difficult conditions, including high temperature, high salinity of formation water, and so on. They have low density, which allows them to be used not only in vertical, but also in horizontal wells,” he said.

Getting into the reservoir and penetrating into the high-permeability zone, the gel particles literally “swell”, closing the high-permeability zones. Due to the fact that they block these channels, the water begins to filter into a low-permeability zone, in which the main oil reserves are concentrated, which contributes well to its extraction.

Apart from presenting his research, Mikhail Varfolomeev also reached new agreements with universities and oil companies of the Middle East.

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