Kazan Federal University

Pharmaceutics Research Center

Pharmaceutics Research Center was founded in 2011 in the framework of the project entitled Development of pharmaceutical and medical industries of the Russian Federation till 2020 and for further perspective. Over 90 staff members – specialists in chemistry, biology, medicine and veterinary – are currently working at the Center. Innovative drugs design makes its main objective.  Clean premises for temporary keeping of small laboratory animals and microbiological laboratory with C and D classes of cleanness, allowing carrying out work in pharmaceutics according to GLP standards.

Pharmaceutics Research Center consists of four departments: medical chemistry, exploratory research, preclinical research, clinical pharmacology and quality control.

The synthesis of drug candidates at the laboratory scale, and the development of laboratory regulations for obtaining pharmaceutical substances are carried out at the Department of medical chemistry. The laboratories dispose of modern equipment that enables to obtain the drug candidates through the multistage synthesis.

The Department of exploratory research embraces the studies for detecting new drug candidates and innovative treatment methods for various human diseases. Novel models for innovative drug screening are being developed and the mechanisms of actions at molecular and cellular levels are studied.

The Department of preclinical research includes “clean” rooms for the temporary keeping of small laboratory animals, which allows to conduct a full cycle of preclinical studies of drug candidates in accordance with international GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards. Studies of general toxicity of compounds, specific toxicity (carcinogenicity, allergenic properties, immunotoxicity), pharmacokinetics, bioavailability and biodistribution, pharmacological activity with the development of new models in mice and rats of SPF status are carried out in strict accordance with the guidelines in the field of preclinical studies of medicinal compounds in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The department of clinical pharmacology and quality control provides for carrying out clinical research in accordance with GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and methodological assistance for exploratory and preclinical research in accordance with GLP standards.

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