Kazan Federal University

KFU reaps awards at 11th All-Russian Student Marathon 2024

The festival was held in Krasnodar Krai on 1 – 5 February and attracted over 500 students from 25 universities.

Among the competitions and events which the KFU team joined were poster drawing, improv comedy, vocals, hairstyling, video directing, basketball, badminton, futsal, chess, e-sports, trivia, and others.

There were two leagues: the premier league featured teams of under 20 members, and the first league – teams with 20+ members.

“I am very glad that our team was not only one of the most friendly and united during the preparation and participation in the festival, but also proved that Kazan University has some of the most athletic, creative and intellectual students in the country. We have been proving it for 11 years and, if necessary, we will prove it again,” said delegation head, Lead Specialist of the Section of Check-In and Extracurricular Activities in Dormitories Yury Zonin.

As a result, the Kazan University team finished first in the premier league.

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