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KFU fitness aerobics team once again triumphant in national competition

Cheboksary, the capital of Chuvash Republic, welcomed the Russian Contest in Fitness Aerobics from 27 to 30 January.

Over 35 squads comprising 400 women from many Russian provinces partook in the competition. Kazan Federal University dispatched not one but two teams – Siyaniye (Shining) and Amazonki (Amazonians).

Chair of the Federation of Fitness Aerobics of Tatarstan, Associate Professor of KFU Larisa Maslova comments, “Most of our athletes are freshwomen with a few months of training, and they hadn’t been tested in competition yet. So this contest was necessary for their growth.”

According to her, the young athletes had been quite anxious before the final stage, but they coped with the emotions and performed at a higher level than expected, having contested the top spots.

In the end, the Kazanites took bronze medals in step aerobics and 5-a-team aerobics. They will next join the 2022/2023 Spartakiad of Higher Education Institutions of Russia.

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