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Master student Albina Khuzina develops electromechanical joint stimulator

Her device, MEMSS-Arthro, has already been tested.

The rehabilitation chair is purposed for safe and passive stimulation of aching joints. A proposal is ready to produce chairs at the Eureka Bureau, a student organization at KFU’s Yelabuga Institute.

As Khuzina says, physical exercise is an integral part of medical rehabilitation. In case of joint therapy, specific training machines are often used. They give a measured workload on a limb, improve blood circulation and motility. According to the interviewee, there are no cheaper competitors to MEMSS-Arthro. The chair is very gentle in its treatment of affected joints; it curves a target limb under a certain angle and produces attuned vibrations.

The inventor explains, “The patient lays the forearm on supports (lodgments) located in accordance with its size; wraps his fingers around the handle on the rotating head; the axis of the wrist joint must be moved 40-50 mm from the axis of the rotating head of the device. The instructor sets the height of the lodgment to the desired position; then sets the speed of the head of the device by pressing the corresponding buttons to increase the speed. The head speed is displayed on the digital display. The amplitude and range of motion are set manually by rotating the limb of the loading mechanism of the head. The rotating head allows you to dose the strength and amplitude of hand movements.”

The developers plan to offer six types of stimulators for various joints – carpal, elbow, shoulder, knee, hip and ankle.

Khuzina plans to allocate grant funds for production. She plans to produce 10 chairs a month. Yelabuga Institute has already offered premises for the production line.

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