Kazan Federal University

Rector Lenar Safin meets University’s Association of Young Scientists

The talks took place on 7 February.

The leadership was also represented by First Vice-Rector Dmitry Tayursky and Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation and Innovation Dmitry Pashin.

Chairman of the Association Mikhail Varfolomeev gave a review of the year 2022 for young scientists. The young employees themselves then made suggestions considering their life and work.

For instance, a proposal was made to organize an intra-university grant project for PhD candidates and employees who have just started working. The Rector was receptive and confirmed that such a competition should be launched. Accommodation was also among the discussed topics. In particular, the University needs to acquire more quotas for subsidized mortgage programs for young employees – relevant steps are being made.

A postdoc from Mexico had words of praise for KFU’s efforts in providing a favorable research environment. Everyone agreed that KFU should widen its scope of English-language PhD programs and opportunities to present PhD theses in English.

A number of question touched technology commercialization and communication with business. The Rector reminded that all projects should not only have practical relevance but also a comprehensible financial model, “We need this because it’s important to introduce a product to the market and organize industrial production.”

Vice-Rector Pashin mentioned that investors will provide industrial premises and equipment should they be really interested in KFU’s proposals. The Division of Innovative Development is always ready to accompany a project on its various stages. He said that a new federal project, University Technological Entrepreneurship Program, is aimed at exactly that. KFU has already implemented events within the project and won a grant to create a startup studio.

In terms of remuneration incentives, the University can pledge up to 40% of revenue from a patented and commercialized product to its creators.

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