Kazan Federal University

New female student employment squad, Eurydice, to start recruitment this year

All female students willing to work in the construction industry are eligible to apply.

Student construction squads have been in place at KFU since 2010. Young people yearning for additional income can work summer shifts in construction all over the country.

Most construction workers are male, and since the vast majority of big construction projects imply on-site accommodation in temporary housing, it was complicated to organize proper living quarters for the young women who have applied. Finally, this year the decision was made to establish a separate female squad.

Experienced student squad participant Mikhail Podyganov was asked to curate the initiative, as he has worked in multiple locations in Russia and was named Best Project Commissar in 2023 at Kovykta natural gas field construction works.

“When I first ended up at a construction squad, I heard that many female students were also eager to join, but the Student Squad Headquarters were not able to organize that. It’s excellent that they now can,” says Mikhail.

The students will assist in fit-out works, documentation turnover, and other tasks in construction. A free short-term learning course is going to be held for them in spring. Applications are available in the squad’s community on VK.com.

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