Kazan Federal University

Minister of Health of Tatarstan speaks with medical residents

Marsel Minnullin met with second-year residents on 22 March.

The talks mostly touched on the residents’ future employment. KFU’s medical residency program currently comprises 43 specializations with 383 students.

Vice-Rector for Biomedicine Andrey Kiyasov and Chief Medical Officer of the University Clinic Sergey Osipov were in attendance, as well as medical professionals from other local institutions.

The Minister noted, “Our province’s success, including its healthcare, depends on demographics. In 2022, our provincial life expectancy is 74.67 years, and we must reach the 75-year mark according to the federal ministry’s benchmarks.”

As is the case for the majority of developed countries, the main cause of death in Tatarstan are cardiovascular diseases, malignant tumors come second, and the third most common cause are external reasons (vehicular accidents, addictions, etc.).

The Minister emphasized that outpatient help is still very much in need of employees. He also reminded of the Rural Doctor and Rural Nurse programs – special federal initiatives aimed at staff retention for non-urban localities which are significantly under-resourced in social services.

The residents then asked their questions about future employment, including targeted job allocation for the program graduates.

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