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Professor Rustam Abzalov assumes the position of the Chair of the Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Therapeutic Exercise

He shared his views on the current issues of physical education and athleticism.

Abzalov graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Kazan State University in 1998 but later dedicated his career to sports science – both his doctoral theses were about heart functioning under various types of athletic workload.

“All generations of students are different,” says he. “Unfortunately, a half of our current student body has some health problems, so they enter special training groups for their physical education classes. I am convinced that sedentarism is to blame – they are all inside their gadgets. You cannot fight this because this is part of our life now. I just hope that people realize that physical training is necessary.”

He says that physical education in universities is a way to preserve your health, “Hypodynamic life leads to problems of cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and respiratory nature. Sedentarism leads to congestive tendencies in the upper third of lungs. The heart also needs regular training.”

Apart from that, athleticism is also beneficial for mind activity and learning, notes the Chair.

“Especially during this time of exams, you need to make breaks, engage in short training sessions, and walk in the street at least for thirty minutes a day. I can guarantee that your memory capacity will improve,” shares he. “All types of sports are good, but the important thing is that physical training must be regular. My father, who served 35 years as Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at a pedagogical university, started preparing me for conscription service two years beforehand – every day I had 10-kilometer runs.”

Rustam Abzalov told us that he is very invested in providing physical training opportunities to people of all ages, “I want to invite our employees to the Days of Healthy Lifestyle, an initiative put forth by our University from 12 January to 15 March and held at our suburban facilities.”


Source text: Larisa Busil

Photo: Yuliya Akmurzina

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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