Kazan Federal University

Rector Lenar Safin publicizes leadership reshuffle

New appointments were announced on 31 January.

Andrey Khashov stepped down as Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs, and his position was filled by Sergey Prokhorov. The latter graduated from Kazan Federal University in 2010 with a diploma in international relations and received a second diploma in law from said institution in 2020. Between 2010 and 2013, he filled administrative positions in Bars Group LLC and Directorate of the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan. Since 2013, he has worked with Rector Safin, first as his aide at the Ministry of Transport and Roads of Tatarstan (2013 – 2020), then at the Federation Council (2020 – 2022), and at KFU since August 2022.

Andrey Khashov moves to the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies as Deputy Director for General Affairs. The Rector said of his service, “During the last 12 years, Andrey Nikolaevich has been in charge of the smooth functioning of KFU’s administrative mechanism and has made a massive contribution to the University’s development. His active and earnest work has been marked by numerous commendations.”

The position of Director of the Department of Comprehensive Security is taken by Valery Krasilnikov. He graduated in 1993 from Kazan State University with a diploma in law and in 2011 from the Management Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with a diploma in public administration. He served in the police from 1993 till 2017 and has the rank of the colonel of police. Apart from his time in law enforcement, he has served as an elected official and an educator.

Finally, Anastasia Kostromina steps up as Head of the Section of the Legal Support of Procurement. She graduated from Kazan State Institute of Finance and Economics in 2004 and from the All-Russian State University of Justice in 2017. She has worked at the Department of the Treasury of Tatarstan, Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, and Main Investment and Construction Enterprise of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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