Kazan Federal University

University team congratulated by Rector on 219th anniversary

Dear students, scientific and medical workers, faculty and staff, alumni and partners of Kazan University!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 219th anniversary of the founding of our alma mater!

Over these years, one of the oldest universities in Russia has traveled a truly glorious path of formation and development. It has become not only a prestigious educational institution, but also a spiritual center where the brightest minds and talents meet.

Today Kazan University occupies a worthy place in the educational community of our country. It is truly dynamic, combines rich history, traditions and innovation, which allows it to solve problems of national importance in education, science, and culture.

Undoubtedly, the fruitful educational activities of different generations of the university staff, aimed at disseminating knowledge, promoting cultural and spiritual values, deserve the highest praise. Kazan University has brought up within its walls a large number of famous and talented graduates, has given a way into the life of hundreds of thousands of specialists – people with profound knowledge and practical skills, forming the intellectual capital of our Fatherland.

Thanks to professionalism, continuous and diligent work of scientists, teaching staff of the university we managed to maintain the quality of education, as well as the intensity of research and innovation activities.

I am sure that new generations of mentors, students, and graduates will cherish the traditions of their predecessors.

Friends! 219 years is a solid age for an educational institution, but despite this, new horizons are opening before us, as the University is actively developing and growing, implementing large-scale projects, and acquiring new partners.

And on this day I would like to wish you, dear colleagues, further preservation and multiplication of rich scientific and professional experience. May the joy of discovery always accompany you on the path of knowledge, and may your ideas and plans be brought to life with unwavering success for the benefit of higher education and science of Russia!

Happy holiday! Happy Birthday, dear Kazan University!

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