Kazan Federal University

Delegation of China’s Boya International Education company visiting KFU

The team comprises General Director Li Yongxin, Project Director Lei Ting, and employee Duan Yameng.

The guests toured the History Museum and listened to a university presentation. A meeting was held with Vice-Rector for International Affairs Timirkhan Alishev.

“Currently, Kazan University is considering various options to intensify cooperation with the People’s Republic of China. Today, we have about 12 agreements are in various studies of discussion with universities and partners from China. More than 1.5 thousand students from China study at our university. Starting 23 October, the University is planning a visit to the People’s Republic to participate in a specialized educational exhibition in several cities, as well as to meet with Chinese partners and finalize a number of agreements. In addition, on September 7-8, Kazan will host the Russia-China Forum (ROSTKI), where KFU will also be represented. We will hold the Russian-Chinese Youth Festival within the framework of this forum, and we are also organizing two large sections devoted to education. Beijing Boya International Education Company, with whom we met, is an organization that assists Chinese universities to reach out to foreign partners. This meeting was one of the steps towards the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation and, in particular, cooperation between Kazan Federal University and Chinese partners,” commented the Vice-Rector.

Boya was founded in September 2006 and develops links with overseas universities in academic mobility and double degrees. At this moment, there are six such programs under its supervision.

This is a second visit by Boya this year. In June, the guests met with the Institute of Engineering and Chinese students.

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