Kazan Federal University

Vice-Rector for International Affairs visiting 3rd Forum of the Federation of Russian and Arab Universities

The event is being hosted by Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Over 200 rectors and educational officials from Russia, UAE, Oman, Sudan, Qatar, Egypt, and Libya have jouned the gathering.

The forum features sessions on academic cooperation, youth policy, joint research, studies, and other issues.

Vice-Rector Timirkhan Alishev spoke about KFU’s experience of interacting with Arab institutions. As of now, there are 650 nationals of Arab countries enrolled in KFU, including 91 PhD candidates. There is ongoing cooperation with Iraq and UAE in petroleum science, with Bahrain in Islamic finance, and with Oman in both petroleum science and business education. In turn, local students visit Arab countries to intern in Arabic language.

The Vice-Rector also presented KFU’s upcoming branch opening in Cairo, Egypt, and its Summer University project.

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