Kazan Federal University

World-Class Research Center for Liquid Hydrocarbons – Structure

Laboratory of Research of the State and Evolution of Underground Reservoirs

HeadVladislav Sudakov
Deputy Director for Innovation, Institute of Geology and Hydrocarbon Technologies
Research areasNew paradigm for exploration of giant reservoirs
Res Neuro software tool for AI-assisted localization of oil pillars
GISneuro software for automatic processing of geological and geophysical data
Geoindicator monitoring technology
Automatic analysis of digital petrographic images
PartnershipsRosneft, Tatneft, Gazpromneft

Laboratory of Studies of Oil and Gas Bearing Basins

HeadDanis Nurgaliev
Vice-Rector for Earth Sciences
Research areasTechnology of forecasting, prospecting and exploration of large and giant hydrocarbon deposits in poorly studied territories
Reconstruction and study of sediment basin evolution
Center for Geothermochronology
Geochemical research to solve the problems of prospecting, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits
Seismic data processing and interpretation

Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery

HeadMikhail Varfolomeev
Chair of the Department of Petroleum Engineering
Research areasSurfactants for enhanced oil recovey
Catalysts for oxidation and in-situ refining
Complex gas injection technologies
Gel particles for leveling oil profile and limiting water supply
Binary mixtures for intensifying extraction and improving fracturing efficiency
PartnershipsGazpromneft, Tatneft, Lukoil, Novatek, Zarubezhneft

GeoLab Research Center

HeadDanis Nurgaliev
Vice-Rector for Earth Sciences
Chief engineerArtyom Chemodanov
Testing and experimentsPetrophysical
Isotope and element analysis
Phase analysis
EquipmentPyrolysis system
X-ray diffractometer
Atomic absoprtion spectrometer
Electric and elastic properties analysis device
Chromatography installations

Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing

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Center for Geothermochronology

Research supervisorMikhail Buslov
Deputy Director, Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Testing and experimentsCorrelation of «silent» stratra by paleomagnetic and isotopic methods
Construction of paleotemperature models of sediment basins using thermochronological methods
Development of methods and technologies for assessing the oil and gas content of sedimentary basins to improve the competitiveness of Russian oil and gas companies
Determination of the age of crystallization of a number of minerals: zircons, baddeleites, monacytes, perovtses using uranium-lead isotopy
Determination of characteristics of primordial magma on lutetium-hafnia isotopy and geochemistry of rare earth elements in zircons
Complex examination of one grain zircon: «double dating» – U-Pb and ZFT, Lu-Hf and REE for accurate identification of provinces
Development of paleotectonic and paleogeographic reconstructions
Thermochronology with tracks of uranium fission fragments in apatites and zircons
Construction of paleotermal and paleotectonic models of sedimentary basins (incl. oil and gas bearing basins) with the help of thermochronology on apatites and zircons
Determination of the isotopic composition of strontium, carbon and oxygen in carbonate deposits
Performing stratigraphic correlations based on Sr- and C-isotopic data
EquipmentIsotopic mass spectrometer
Wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometer
Policapillary micro X-ray fluorescent spectrometer
Portable X-ray fluorescent analyzer
Synchronous thermal analyzer
Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

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