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Programs and tuition fees

A Bachelor Degree requires, at least, four years of full-time university-level study. The scope of these programs is 240 credits. The programs follow a specific curriculum with an academic load of about 26-30 hours per week. The course content is fixed in accordance with the State Educational Standard.

The programs consist of:

  1. Professional and specialized courses in sciences, humanities, or socioeconomic disciplines;
  2. Professional training;
  3. Completion of the final research paper or project;
  4. Passing the State final exams.

Duration of Study: 4-5 years full-time

Academic Calendar: Semester academic calendar

Program Start Date: September 

Bachelor programs – admission plan 2023

Admission plan 2024 will be published in February-March.

We ask you to familiarize yourself with the number of places in each specialty in advance. If the number of applicants who have scored the minimum total passing score for admission to a certain specialty exceeds the number of quotas for this specialty, further selection will be carried out on the basis of the rating of the total points scored by applicants for passing the entrance tests in this specialty. If the quota places for a certain specialty are fully filled, the University reserves the right to close the admission to this specialty.

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